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NEW YORK FISHING PHOTOS of fishing on Salmon River NEW YORK FISHING PHOTOS of fishing on Salmon River NEW YORK FISHING PHOTOS of fishing on Salmon River

Glen Poore and friend Bob Knopf have fished with a lot of guides in New York. They say it's not only a great and safe trip, but it is also a learning experience. Bob say's Captain John is nothing but the best on the river producing lots of Fish on a daily basis. Plus he makes it a safe enjoyable trip.

Captain John floats about 5 different rivers, water pending. We use a back trolling technique. Float fishing with center pin, bait casters, rods and reels with floats, or spinning with floats. Fly fishing and drift fishing. Some methods produce more fish on certain days. Captain John does it ALL.

Damian and Mary DiEuliis - Danville, PA:

"When I took the new job in Danville, the first thing I made clear was that I get my week off in October so that we can fish with Little John. Nobody is going to prevent that!"


If you are man or woman enough, give it a try. The Trophy can be yours.

Guided wading on the river banks

Walking while fishing - you can fish on secluded streams too small for the drift boat but still home to giant salmon and trout-fly or spin casting-John will show you many spots overlooked by others.

Cost: $200 per person

Drift boat

Can float up to a 12 mile stretch of the Salmon River and 3 other rivers - you run up to 5 lines in front of the boat while the Captain controls the action with the oars. You will be floating alog this scenic river under the silence of the oars and then.. WHAM . . .fish on! Steelhead in the middle of winter are aerobic and nasty. The fight is never easy!

Cost: 2 people for $400
3 people for $525

" Little John is one of a few licensed Guides whom are allowed access to guide in the Douglaston Salmon Run, which is New York's premier 1st class private fishing area."
Steelhead trout - trophy steelhead to 20 lbs.
Rainbow trout - trophies to 20 lbs. - some native spawn
Brown trout - trophy fish to 18 lbs. - this is a very small window of opportunity as you are casting to fish in very small spawning streams - come fishing when the brown trout are in full spawning colors and match the spectacular fall scenery.
Dave Rogers - Anchorage,AK

"I traveled all the way from Anchorage to fish with you because you said the fishing was great. Well you were right, your rainbows surpass any others!"


We supply all tackle and equipment except waders for all of our trips - usually very light tackle and some 20 lbs. fish are caught on 4 lbs. test. We ask that you bring your favorite fly rod to land your trophy.


No reservation is confirmed until a $100 deposit per day and per boat is received.

Any cancellation must be in writing to:
332 Lot 67 Ellisburg St., Sandy Creek, NY 13145

If a reservation is cancelled, we will do our best to rebook the date. If it is rebooked, we will offer a $75 refund per day and per boat.
Adam Mathias - Baltimore, MD

"I have fished with Little John for 10 years now and still enjoy each trip! He has a way of showing you more each time so it is like a new trip!"

Fishing Calendar


January - May 10th = Steelhead
May = Walleye, Northern Pike
September - October = Chinook Salmon
November = Brown Trout
December = Monster Steelhead

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